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We are always pleased to receive applications from suitably qualified candidates and if you are interested in working for Trott and Duncan Limited, please send your application together with a CV or resume by mail or e-mail addressed to our HR Manager:

Trocan Management Limited

17A Brunswick Street
Hamilton HM 10


Please note that we will not return your application and we reserve the right to answer only selected offers. Candidates are guaranteed full confidentiality.


Trott & Duncan Limited offers a one year pupilage program for students who have successfully qualified as a barrister or attorney in the Commonwealth jurisdictions. Pupils will spend the year gaining experience in all areas of practice by working closely with leading barristers and attorneys in each department, after which, the pupil will have the practical and technical skills to fulfil the requirements to be called to the Bermuda Bar.

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At Trott & Duncan Limited we strongly believe in the importance of supporting young Bermudians who aspire to a career in the legal profession. It takes hard work and commitment, but the practice of law is an exciting, challenging and rewarding career.

The Educational Scholarship Award was founded in 2007 in honour of Ms. Shirley D. Simmons, a consultant with the firm. A trailblazer for women in the legal profession, Ms. Simmons is one of the most senior and highly regarded members of the Bar Association in this jurisdiction. The Scholarship Award is intended to support those who have a strong desire and who show true dedication to pursuing a career in law. Successful candidates receive a $10,000 bursary to contribute to their ongoing educational development.

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