As open and approachable toward clients as we are tough and determined when defending them, our firm has a long-standing reputation of providing first-class, personalized service at every level.

Trott & Duncan

Trott & Duncan Limited (“T&D”) was established by the founding partners, Perry P. Trott and Delroy B. Duncan in 1992. The firm quickly became one of the most prominent and competitive providers of legal services in Bermuda.

The success of our Firm is a direct testament to the excellence of our staff. You will find our diverse team of lawyers to be innovative, progressive and passionate about the law. We are well positioned to meet the ever changing needs of clients both onshore and offshore.

Creative, practical and commercial

We have a reputation for providing creative, practical, and commercially orientated solutions. We want our clients to use these skills to impact their bottom line, either by making cost efficiencies, increasing revenue, or providing a higher quality product.

We are looking at developing a long term relationship with our clients. We know that this is difficult to do and that we have to provide a high quality service at all times. We know that costs are important to our clients and that predictability of costs is vital. We have developed a range of methods to suit different situations and clients to ensure that there are no surprises and that costs are well understood before we start work.

Support and advice

We understand that as service providers, our role is to support and advise our clients not only in their business activities but whenever legal expertise is required. We achieve this by being available 24 hours a day, having a proactive approach, and making sure that we are better than our competitors. We use a wide range of quality control tools to ensure that our service is of the highest international standard.


Our lawyers will often work in teams whether within a single discipline or cross-discipline. On this basis, we are able to pull together a multi-discipline team for any matter that could include corporate, real estate, tax, or employment lawyers. We consider solutions that are the most effective and efficient for our clients, whether it be taking no action at all, outsourcing the problems, or working through a problem on a 24 hour basis if necessary.

Services for directors, senior management, and in-house lawyers

We have created a comprehensive suite of services for directors, senior management, and in-house lawyers to try to ensure that they are up-to-date with changes in the law and practices that are relevant to their business. We have created a range of ways in which this updating and training service is delivered, including email alerts, bespoke training, seminars, and the provision of one of our expert lawyers to work in-house with established counsel (or alone) to provide cutting edge and practical advice.

We have developed a core set of services that are designed to ensure that the delivery of legal advice and services provides you with the tools to carry on your business successfully. We have lawyers and other personnel trained in business management skills by the highly acclaimed Institute of Directors in London.

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