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Family joy as two women Called to Bermuda Bar

Two lawyers were Called to the Bermuda Bar yesterday during a ceremony in the Supreme Court. Sara Tucker and Tyasha Kandassamy were surrounded by their friends and family as they were welcomed to the Bar by Chief Justice Ian Kawaley and Senior Magistrate Juan Wolffe.

Ms Kandassamy, of Southampton, dedicated the ceremony to her six-year-old daughter Ayeuri, of whom she said: “I couldn’t have achieved this victory without her.”

The 28-year-old, who is expecting a son in two months’ time, began her pupillage at ASW Law Limited in March last year.

Her pupil master and director of the firm, Nathaniel Turner, introduced her to the bar and said that he has the utmost respect for what she has achieved.

Ms Kandassamy, who as a child envisioned a life on the stage, said she now has “the ability and skill set to perform on a new stage.”

After admitting Ms Kandassamy to the Bar, the Chief Justice said: “I think, based on your original interest in dance, that you will bring elegance to the bar.

“You have some experience in therapy and some of your colleagues may need your assistance”

– he added to much laughter.

Ms Kandassamy attended Saltus Grammar School before moving to Spain to study Spanish and art in 2004.

She completed her undergraduate degree in behavioural sciences at the Mercy College in New York, before relocating to London with her daughter to attend the BPP University and the City Law School in 2011.

Ms Tucker, of Devonshire, is all set to join the litigation department at law firm Trott & Duncan when she returns from London, where she will be furthering her training at Cloisters Chambers until September.

The 29-year-old completed six months of her pupillage at law firm Christopher E Swan & Co and six months at Trott & Duncan.

She was introduced to the Bar by Karen Williams-Smith, Director and Head of Family Law at Trott & Duncan.

Ms Williams-Smith said: “Sara amazed us all — she came into Trott & Duncan like a storm.

“We could all see from the very start that she was a worthy candidate to remain at Trott & Duncan.

“She will be a formidable lawyer no doubt — Sarah is certainly a born litigator.”

Ms Tucker, who hopes to practice at the criminal Bar, said: “I am proud to be given the opportunity to become a member of their organisation.”

Ms Tucker attended the Prospect Primary School before relocating to the UK and she studied law at the University of York in Canada and the University of East Anglia in England.

Ms Tucker, who is getting married next Sunday, then attend the City Law School in London.

Addressing Ms Tucker, the Chief Justice said that a great personality can sometimes compensate for modest skills, but that this was certainly not the case with Ms Tucker.

“You are clearly a very competent barrister,” he said, adding that both women were very impressive new members of the Bermuda Bar.

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