Sara-Ann Tucker

Associate (Litigation)

Specialises in Litigation
(441) 295 7444
I became a lawyer so I could give back, work hard, and provide my clients legal services and advice to the best of my abilities.

During Sara’s time at Trott & Duncan, she has built a reputation as a powerful and effective Associate Litigator. She covers a broad range of legal areas, which include employment matters and criminal litigation. She is a fierce supporter of fair representation for all and aims to be a champion and voice for those with limited access to legal counsel.

In 2013, she was called to the Bar of England and Wales and then admitted to the Bermuda Bar in 2015. Upon graduating from York University in Toronto, Sara worked alongside several judges as a Supreme Court clerk in Bermuda. This experience provided key access to the inner workings of the judicial system and pushed her to further her legal ambitions.

Sara obtained her Graduate Diploma in Law from the University of East Anglia, Norwich. She completed the Barristers Professional Training Course at City Law School in London and is a member of Middle Temple. She completed her pupillage at the acclaimed Cloisters Chambers in London where she gained invaluable insight into personal injury, medical negligence, and human rights law.

Having been familiar with Trott & Duncan’s outstanding reputation she was elated when QC Delroy Duncan extended her an offer to join the firm. Sara initially signed on for six months to complete her training and has been with us ever since as an essential member of the team. Her strengths lie in resolving civil matters, landlord and tenant disputes, and debt recovery.

Clients appreciate her keen integrity and her unwavering desire to use her legal acumen to their ultimate benefit. Outside of her work, Sara operates free legal advice at a clinic at the Devonshire Recreational Club, where she is a proud member. She also assists as a legal advisor at the free, government-run clinic at The Centre on Angle Street, Hamilton and offers her services pro bono for both the Women’s Resource Centre and Centre Against Abuse.

Sara also sits on the Legal Aid Board and has been a member of the Bermuda Bar Council since 2019.


  • York University, Toronto, Canada
  • University of East Anglia, Norwich
  • City Law School, London, England

Noteable Cases

About Sara-Ann

During my time working as a Supreme Court clerk, I was able to watch the legal process unfold before me first-hand. While I saw the great side of advocacy and the positive difference it can make in people’s lives, I also saw the detrimental effect it can have when legal representation falls short of expectation. Seeing that inspired me to become a lawyer so I could give back, work hard, and provide my client’s legal services and advice to the best of my abilities.

I think the simple answer is that it’s been Trott & Duncan historically, it still is Trott & Duncan – our founding members are still actively involved in every aspect of our practice. With most law firms, directors change, their business model changes, but with Trott & Duncan, we’ve remained stable because the core of our business is stable and the owners remaining hands-on ground level to offer clients assistance instils confidence in the culture we strive to cultivate. Clearly what we are doing is working, which gives our clients a sense of security; they know they are in safe hands.

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